What can you expect from Carlos's Shop?

Our shop, can deliver and produce to you, the most fine and premium meats that are found on the modern day market. Harvested from the lust, vibrant fields of far away New Zealand, we ensure to our customers that they are consuming only the healthiest and riches meat possible. We strive to acheive a high quality standard of meat, and this is shown by our many health choice awards, and only the highest ratings of any butcher country-wide. So come on over and pop in to our unique and original butcher shop on the corner, Established in 1865, April 9th, it is not only a butcher shop but a signal and marker of the end of the US civil war.

Butcher shop deluxe meats

Where do we get our meat from?

Our high quality meat, is sourced from the purest and most free range fields in the wild country of New Zealand. With huge, life rich fields, our cows, sheep, lambs, chickens, goats, and deer are free to roam around and live a life most animals would die for. Our farm animals have one of the highest life expectancies in the world today. They are the healthiest animals used for meat today, and we can promise you that. Choose us, Choose Carlos.

Cows in NZ